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All photos on our website are the rooms that we equiped. Perhaps you will find them in other places, but these are our product.

Equipment for Playgrounds Aska

Aska is a specialized workshop for designing and equipping playgrounds.
In making we use materials that meet fire standards, structures with statistical calculations, and all other equipment's origin  have manufacturers certificates , all of this has resulted in obtaining European standard EU1176.
Twine is certified, slides too. During the design and production we ensure the maximum safety of children.
Aska playgrounds for many years successfully engaged in designing and equipping playgrounds, respectively, since 2002. Our quality, professionalism, price, certified products we use in playgrounds puts us among the leading companies in this field.
We equip more than 300 facilities in birthday celebrations, malls, parks and entertainment centers, kindergartens ...
Our customers are our best advertisement!

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Cars and trampoline  


Adventure trails

Ball pools

Step plane


Cities and scenery


Extreme slides

Beams and bridges


Wall painting


Tunnels And more...

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Come and see why we are among the top when it comes to interior and exterior playgrounds furnishing.

Over 300 stores in Serbia and the region.Our activity, among other things, include: shopping centers, birthday celebrations, schools, kindergartens, parks, sports facilities, and various fittings and equipment for rehabilitation purposes.
We offer slides by ordering too,spiral, semi-circular, flat, double (paired two tracks).
 All our products have one year warranty, and supporting documentation containing certificates
11 EU 71-76.

For this reason we do not use inferior materials such as plastic or shoteks rope or braided rope needle.

Our twine as we said are tested and durable. String network is tested at 107 kp breaking moment.

Why Playgrounds Aska?

We give one year warranty, and supporting documentation which includes 11 EU 71-76.

Experience in business (over 300 objects) Professionalism
 All our products have one year warranty Maximum use of space
Slides attested Popular prices

Linens have factory warranty (5god.) We use the highest quality materials

We use the highest quality materials
String nets are also certified All this and much more ...


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  • ""Our best advertisements are our clients. Sooner or later you'll come with us, why not do it now. Equipment for playgrounds Aska.""

  • " Over 300 facilities that we now have to equip some sort of guarantee that you will be satisfied. Your Aska ... ""

  • "Address:Nikole Grulovića 1b, Beograd,Broj tel. +381 (0)64 39 39 674, Web address:www.decijeigraoniceaska.co.rs"